Look at the nine target B2C website Shanghai dragon positioning from a strategic perspective

looked at several different dimensions of the formula, you may be a bit dizzy, since Shanghai Longfeng goals are to increase product sales, so how to see what the customer is through the Shanghai dragon it? One might say Analytics, CNZZ, 51la of noble baby flow statistical tools can be seen, but I want to is that these data are the direct access to the user purchase data, if the user through the natural search after entering the site, did not immediately buy (in the favorites, temporary emergency leave, payment problems, need to go home and buy, etc.) but after the payment of the purchase order, then this is not necessarily show Shanghai dragon brings, but when the head count to the source of the next purchase. That is to say by entering the Shanghai dragon in a certain period of time according to the user in the access path set by the administrator and the purchase of success does not close the browser premise, will give Shanghai Longfeng record. How sad, Shanghai dragon do a lot of things, always give others to do the wedding dress, and your leadership has to take these things to your appraisal.

product sales = new customer orders × new customers; the average order quantity of products + old customer orders × old customer order product number

by Shanghai Dragon (Analysys Encyclopedia: Shanghai dragon) to increase product sales, this estimate is most B2C to get to, especially into the primary electricity supplier, and the higher requirements is to put forward the goal. First look at the composition of product sales, a few simple formula:

first target: to increase product sales website

some time ago has been read Jack Trout’s book, the importance of strategic positioning and deeply, for this emerging, hot and rapid changes in e-commerce industry, especially important. The author is a full-time Shanghai dragon was born, when handling a project, I hope to see Shanghai dragon with the strategic point of view, Shanghai dragon is a drug, drug treatment is not God all the crux of the electricity supplier, who can use, why, what when and how to use? Everyone is a long topic, the nine goal today to share the B2C mall in Shanghai Longfeng, hoping to attract.

= the number of visitors product sales Shanghai dragon × Shanghai dragon average customer order product number + other ways to order product number

a lot of expensive hired Shanghai dragon team to optimize the website, through the analysis found that Shanghai dragon brings sales is very small, it is because of the above reasons, the user is the Shanghai dragon channel diluted out. Direct sales assessment of Shanghai dragon’s words, you will not stop please headhunters, will result in a "Shanghai dragon is useless". Product sales are the same as the amount of the transaction, is a comprehensive number >

product sales = the number of visitors × visitors order conversion rate (Analysys Encyclopedia: conversion) × average order quantity of products

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