Make links return to reason Google hit three points on the payment link

in mid August, after the three large-scale website PR adjustment, and then a punch at waste site, and quite lethal launch paid links report page. As soon as he heard the message, even the netizen speculation, the domestic market or will end link. It is well documented that in the Google PR shock adjustment, the majority of local portals have to drop right, such a large area of local news portal is right down, there may be many reasons, but its high PR sale or paid links for one of them. As everyone knows, in the link trading market, PR level is still the main reference standard to judge the link quality and transaction cost. Google is so smitten paid links, on one hand, paid links to judge the interference on the search engine website quality, on the other hand is enough to prove that, in the website construction and website optimization process, especially the link outside the chain of high quality of a website is absolutely indispensable. But Google’s new, website construction should be rational, rather than remain in order to win shopping in the red sea.

two, a wide variety of links is the winning king

believe that many webmaster superstitious links for the emperor, every day in the forum pointless thread, in order to keywords signature is no longer a mechanical blog. So, we see a lot of sites a month can be tens of thousands of links, even if there is any meaning, but the absolute black chain of infringing the interests of others. In order to optimize and optimization, will link hard to do this, it is a kind of helpless. There is no doubt that the construction site needs a certain number of links, number of links related to the website weight level, but there is proportional relationship between the number of links and the quality of the site is not, or not too simple website optimization. We use the word "Shanghai site construction", for example it is clear that the website JOYWEB although the chain number has been close to 20 thousand, and almost every day to update the original content, Google is ranked fifth, rather than the first.

link number, also need quality, >

, is more important than quantity is the link quality

for a web site, without a certain number of links can not be sure, but should be more important than the number of link quality. How to judge the quality of the search engine links? Through the search engine released guidance documents, we can know the current standard are the following: one is related to the content, links with higher quality and its related content; the two is the authority or not, for example, some industry portals or integrated information portal website, link the weight is relatively high; the three is the location of a link, a web page link to the highest weight, the higher the more close to the home page link quality, with the link to the page path depth, weight decreased gradually; four is the link to the form, quality links anchor text keywords obviously is higher than that of pure links. There are a lot of judgment website link quality standards, no matter what kind of links should ensure continuity and stability of the link. Unstable links, website optimization is taboo.

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