Novice on the website to find issues

I am responsible for the sand making machine site is an old station, has been the person responsible for the original news requirements are relatively high, I took after the situation has been good. Site suddenly appeared on the front page of the problem, it is puzzled. Web page is not the first, also caused some impact on the website ranking, originally the main keywords sand making machine is ranked in the top second pages, now ranking dropped to the third page.

(2) outside the chain of high quality. The chain is actually very tricky to do a lot of good standing and not outside the chain of overwhelming, but selective, targeted, pay attention to the breadth of the chain at the same time, the chain can not be confined to a few included good platform.

site management is a long process, need to continue to study, research, summary. For a beginner, the website also stay at the exploratory stage, it is inevitable in many places do not. The sand making machine site I now management as an example, the two days there is a problem: site home page can’t find this, Xiao Bian is very worry.

(3) for the high quality of the chain, the chain of real-time monitoring. A high quality of the chain can bring traffic and potential orders to the site, especially in the same industry, so the sand making machine in common for friends of the chain, we strictly control the quantity, quality every day will also check the chain, it is not the right time and in each other or remove contact.

(1) adhere to the original news does not relax. Sand making machine site as an old station, usually not too stable, large fluctuations, so this time can be regarded as love Shanghai in the test period, perhaps a short period of time can be adjusted. Therefore, the news writing still can not relax, should focus on strengthening the news writing, in addition to maintaining the original degree, but also focus on mining customer demand.

temporarily, for the novice, can only do the above aspects, the home can not come back, remains to be seen. During this period, Xiao Bian will strengthen the management of the site of sand making machine. Today is Valentine’s day and the Lantern Festival, I wish the webmaster friends happy holidays! This paper by

(贵族宝贝zhishajiyh贵族宝贝) in contributions!

, a novice is not only from the following aspects:

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