More terrible than the site is down right is headache foot

for the website ranking fluctuations, often because the search engine algorithm update. For example, love Shanghai would regularly update the search engine rules, this adjustment will inevitably impact on the formation of a part of the site’s ranking, and some have even been drop right. But according to the observation, as long as the site is not cheating, will restore ranking in a short period of time.

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, a site is down right or the fact is the appearance of

through the above analysis, if the owners finally determine the site right down to the root cause, then how to effectively solve the problem? The author want to emphasize is: no matter what the problem is, all in do not directly modify the server, especially some short time can not effectively deal with the problem. Because, if your website pages are different versions of the spider love Shanghai repeatedly to grab it, but no good on site harm, general site cannot bear the toss. In addition, if the site right down the problem solved, the webmaster can try to love the Shanghai issue the corresponding feedback. For example, your web site snapshots

three, how to effectively solve the problem of

has already been stressed, after the site is down right not Huangbuzelu, site to make irrational behavior, otherwise it may aggravate the site condition. In this regard, we must first determine the site is not due to their own web site is down right. Once not to operate their own problems, then it should not be a big adjustment on the website. At the same time, although the love of Shanghai showed no longer updated snapshot, but by checking the content of the page snapshot, or traces can be reduced to find the right. For example, when love upgrade of Shanghai a few years ago, some website snapshot information are search out. Once these old information is a serious problem, the weight will also affect the site. In addition, a person’s strength is limited. When the root cause is temporarily unable to determine whether the website down right, you can go to the A5 station network, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website seeking submissions.

when suddenly no ranking row, do not necessarily represent the site really is "KO". In the reflection of the problem, the first is the webmaster have no memories of their recent big changes on the site. For example, change the website title and keywords, adjusted for channel column page. If it is because of their sensitive operations causing the site to be punished, the webmaster can wait, wait 3 to 5 days for targeted treatment.

two, to explore the root cause of the site right down

website ranking every day of ups and downs, but the fluctuation of the figure is implicated in every webmaster nerve. Compared with the drop, the site is down right is the webmaster want to see. However, since the weight can be raised, nature also has been reduced. In this regard, the webmaster hand not unfounded, at the same time drop right in the face, can not be styled, this will only make the site on the road right down the farther.

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