Link building strategy of search engine anti cheating

trust propagation

site links, is most often the webmaster manipulation of Shanghai dragon cheating one way, therefore, the search engine is the focus of anti cheating a. A lot of links, cheating ways such as link farms, black chain link, the link group, standing group of sprocket wheel. The same thing, its essence is the use of link algorithm of search engine, through handling a large number of links to improve the ranking.

of course, with the Shanghai dragon.

with the common development of search engine and the Shanghai Dragon technology, cheating and anti cheating competition more fierce, emerge in an endless stream of various technical means, unable to discuss. But in the final analysis, deviate from them, we can understand the search engine from the whole idea of anti cheating.


caught a crime, how to try to catch other criminals? The drama is usually this: pretend to be a crime and then let go, followed, eventually found stupid criminals back to their nest. This time the police can be clever criminals all. Intelligent search engine also learned that, when they identified a "problem, this website will follow a step by step to grab more sites, eventually to all crawl to the site

Don’t waste site link The

2, do not trust propagation.


according to the above general idea, website link building strategy requires only three points to the principle:

and excellent website link


natural building links

, anomalous propagation

search engine anti cheat ideas:

this is a more abstract way of judgment, the principle is: the search engine to find a web page with the most web pages appear different phenomena, then this page may have a problem. Then the search engine according to the analysis of this phenomenon, according to this type of "making the anti cheating rules. The most common such as: your website has not many links to, suddenly one day or a period of time the emergence of a large number of links to a search engine that will be contrary to common sense, may judge you for cheating.


chocolate as a unified web search engine, how to find a man to be depended upon to entrusted with the task of logic is usually? So: first, find the most trusted person, and then by the most trusted person to recommend someone they can trust, and then by the people they trust to recommend someone they can trust, and so on. Of course, the trust will decrease in a level of recommendation. The search engine also is such, first determine the number of trust ", can be understood as the white list, and then layers for this batch of" points "score.

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