How to maintain the enterprise website in order to obtain love Shanghai ranking

enterprise website content to the user has a value of


Links still can not be less. Shanghai dragon in the traditional optimization theory, the website wants to do search engine ranking, we must work hard from the three points, that is the content of the website and the construction of the chain, the third is Links, a weight high site links can increase the weight of intangible, a good Links can play a multiplier effect well, Links is very important, but not all sites are suitable for their own site, general weight and weight equivalent or slightly high site for friends of the chain, the best effect, if the weight difference is too large, but the effect of More haste, less speed. The construction of Links and chain, should follow a principle of relativity, because only such a link in the search engine seems to play a role in the "recommended". In addition, Links and the construction of the chain is also the enterprise website maintenance is a very important aspect of the work, it is a long work, general a week can increase 2-3 Links, establish the principle of Links is patient

stability: for the enterprise website, mainly to develop the network marketing channel, then to the site for the record is a thing to be done, and in the server.

to ensure the stability and security of enterprise website

web content features. Before the social network, "content is king, the chain for emperor" has become a classic website optimization and user experience now, pet phrase, dominated era, the content of the website function is becoming more and more important for the enterprise website, the product is the life of enterprise website. So in the work to maintain company website, in addition to the industry news, new case, new products, new technology updates these content, when on-line products, all kinds of parameters of the product to be truly effective, and try to write some of the details, each product will be pictures, at the same time in order to keep the site appearance, the size of the picture to be consistent, and in order to cater to the user’s taste, good user experience, the text description can avoid dull program can not be too monotonous, popular, ripe and has a certain level best to understand. Also can increase some common problems about the product, use and maintenance of related articles, one can make the enterprise website content is more abundant and professional, and can make customers more convenient and efficient to solve the problem.

establish a strong correlation between the chain and Links

attention to marketing type enterprise website, do love Shanghai ranking is very important, it can be said that the enterprise website ranking and sales of enterprises is directly proportional to, the more the top, then, the Internet marketing channel will bring more orders to the enterprise, with the enterprise open Internet marketing channels, the increase the difficulty of the competition, some enterprises choose to love Shanghai auction, although once the ranking, but spent a lot of money, and want to get a good corporate website ranking in Shanghai, you need to make the enterprise website maintenance and Optimization in the following aspects.

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