Network video advertisement becomes the darling of network saleOld introspection where 5 years start

in China, tens of millions of people every day in the Internet, but the Internet time is generally maintained at about 3 hours a year! And the number is growing exponentially in the past! Don’t read is illiterate, after the society, not the Internet, will become the new era of the "illiterate"! So such a large user groups, but also worry about no user?! on the Internet, a good video speed, can spread throughout the Internet a day! The spread speed of this amazing, traditional media is always incomparable!

network video hot first reason: video world relatively free


Chen said, these 5 years, success is that he and all passengers are lucky enough to find a long-term career. In addition to, and a bit of luck. No success in this business before, he and VANCL are also very naive. With the continuous expansion of the scale, too much to do fine place, bring a lot of greater losses.

online do television advertising people should know that there are three good places to do television advertising: advertising time is short. Especially on the information Chinese began renovation began, advertising time limit more stringent! Two advertising is more formal, advertising on TV, are generally not allowed to form some violation occurs, which also includes some contents of the edge ball is not allowed out of the third point is to the people! TV advertising is more and more inconsistent! Especially when you see some wonderful program, just enter the feeling suddenly out of advertising, let people really want to immediately change or even turn off the TV impulse! Especially tvs4 tv. It is much longer than the advertising, TV show time! It is really everywhere spam! And network video is different, is a quiet way to shape and influence the audience’s habits! Like some games into video advertising, not only for the people but also let a lot of hate brand thorough netizen heart! And network video can also put some edge ball ads, as long as the three level, are allowed, as NOKIA’s slide mobile phone advertising as

caused a Steamed Buns murder case "I believe we are not unfamiliar! And the recent" Diaoyu Islands "event. Are some users create new styles of creation. The influence of many netizens psychology, also established a number of brand! Is a network video form.

Sun Tong

In the just concluded

where the 5th anniversary conference, aged not like before a dinner like stars and celebrities, but through the real database, found on the Internet even the first batch of the first to buy the shirt where the old users, please change them to talk about where and what they want to see improvement. In fact, many of the recent years old with founding patriarch were old, and we always say: we had been a selling shirts.

network video hot third reasons: network video easy to build brand

back at the beginning of every guest, have to mention the old before the two business experience.

Vintage where the customer for this company for 5 years, the ups and downs of the biggest reflection, is a business enterprise need to continue to pursue their own heart, can not change in the external environment lose their direction.


At the beginning of


in 2000 before the Spring Festival, the old is still in print, Lei Jun found old hope together via the Internet to sell books. At that time, Ebay was created in the two or three years between the Amazon myth of wealth for e-commerce mode seem fast. "I think is very simple, is to sell a book, just a change of the channel," at that time, Chen still feel "a scholar", is also engaged in the cultural industry, and even still in the media, because the Internet can still present a lot of content. "Although I also feel the user delivery faster, but also thought it was just change a vision, to feel no outstanding business." This old memories.

in September, where the staff of each department will finally summary office moved to noble mansion. The old package under the East building almost a whole building, "before the operation, technology and other many parts were scattered in various parts of Beijing, the most important thing now is that we can finally be together." Chen said.

network video hot second reasons: network video audience wide



network advertising has been a magic weapon website publicity! But with the change of network structure, and continuously improve the awareness level of netizens. The network advertisement is more and more users at a distance. General text advertising and advertising pictures. Users click rate is less. Now leading advertisers and site owners earn less and less! But the technology is constantly improving! Some new forms of advertising appeared! It is: online video advertising! The new advertising model by the users and the majority of Internet users like

video advertising why so popular?! why not call the following three points:


after these commercial peak, is beginning to look back at the past often aged 5 years of entrepreneurship, to "return to the origin, looking for the beginning of the heart".

5 years, six from the south central Yizhuang to the West from the East sanhuan to city of Victoria, now near Yong your building, migration way is not just a change in a company location, from a dozen people started to sell shirts, with thousands of billions of sales team and customer size, and age the more is the fluctuation change in business position.

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