Novice how to the actual operation of Shanghai dragon chain blog

, a blog of the preparatory work.

The construction method of the chain blog

3. wheel shaped blogs in link, each target in the Links District blog chain website.

2. update to the original or false original content according to the theme, as far as possible the more original, pseudo original processing can be late.

weight increased, update the blog content, anchor text to join the target site, 1-2 best anchor text.

previous work mainly in the following aspects: listen to Shanghai dragon peer recommendation, choose good blog; use the source code to check whether the blog with nofollow tag; according to the major search engine hobby choice blog, such as love love love between Shanghai sea and Sina blog; check whether the blog Links there are also

three, blog – chain operation.

Many novice

two, blog content and weight lifting construction.

5. blog sprocket, we need.

Advanced thinking

friends to see the title of Shanghai dragon, will feel the chain blog doesn’t need a long and minute statement. In fact, often simple work to achieve the ultimate became the master, the same is true of the chain blog. As the most common method, the chain is effective, the chain blog is a novice Shanghai dragon must grasp and use the method. So, how do we start the chain blog? How to maximize the use of the hands of the blog resources and improve customer web site keywords ranking? The following Wang Shifan step by step analysis to listen.

1. blog content selection. We want to do the chain through the blog, blog content must be awesome. Wang Shifan generally recommend blog content can be obtained through the Taobao community, digital library, these articles are of high quality, and high degree of originality.


3. The chain blog has two aspects: anchor text and text Links. At present, Links blog weight is not very high, basically in the construction of the blog, you can add the chain. In half a month later than a month, do not join the advertisement and the anchor text in the article, after waiting for the weight of blog promotion, add anchor text.

2. blog content update frequency. To update the content not to be updated daily, but must have the law, set the 2 day update, we must stick to it, at least a month. Wait for the blog weight stability, can be changed to 5 days or a Monday update. Of course, if you feel so tired, then use the tool software, I use a lot of blogging software, personal feeling SKYCC combination marketing software is also good, when you use the tool, must not overdo sth..

After 4.

1. to 10 blogs, choose several blogging platform, the theme of the blog do not have the same.

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