Paul Ryan added to Republican ticket

first_imgAfter much speculation, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney selected Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., to join his bid for the White House as his running mate. Differing opinions are emerging as to whether the addition to the GOP ticket will bolster or weaken public favor. Journalism professor Jack Colwell said the Ryan pick was made with the intention of reinvigorating the conservative base. “I think [the selection] helped initially by energizing the base, especially the very conservative and Tea Party voters, who were suspicious of Romney, and thought that maybe he was a moderate,” Colwell said. “[Romney] wanted to have the campaign focus on economic issues … he thought Ryan was kind of the ‘fiscal guy,’ chairman of the House Budget Committee.” Colwell said voter participation is likely to be the determining factor in the race. “That’s the key,” he said. “The country is pretty well split down the middle. Whichever side gets their voters to the polls could decide it.” Although the GOP ticket with Ryan stands to make gains from the right, Colwell said Ryan’s past stands on social programs and economic issues may hurt Romney’s prospects with senior citizens. “You have Medicare in the budget that [Ryan] initially passed through the House,” he said. “His proposal to have a voucher system is having real problems, especially in Florida.” Women, Colwell said, will be hesitant to vote for a ticket with the ardently pro-life candidate attached. “The big problem is that it’s not helping with women, and there’s already a big gender gap, with women, by a sizable margin, for [President Barack] Obama,” he said. Colwell said the media’s associating Ryan with recent comments made by Rep. Todd Akin, R-Miss., regarding abortion in the case of rape has created an additional challenge with the women’s vote. Ryan previous co-sponsored a bill with Akin that included an exception on prohibiting government funding of abortion in the case of “forceable” rape, Colwell said. “The worst thing is Todd Akin’s [comments],” he said. “That’s something that Romney couldn’t have envisioned. It brought up the whole abortion issue.” Sophomore Patrick Butler, director of political affairs for Notre Dame’s College Republicans, said he expects the debate to refocus on the economic issues, where the Ryan pick is bound to make a strong statement. “They want to make a very bold contrast between the current administration and how Romney will handle things,” Butler said. “It’s a very bold statement about the economy and Medicare.” Butler admitted Ryan’s tight fiscal policies are unlikely to win over many seniors, but said they may attract younger Americans concerned with the deficit. “It might help among students like us. This is our future. We kind of have to worry about [the deficit]. I’d say it really depends on how much of Ryan’s plan Romney endorses.” College Democrats president Camille Suarez said Ryan’s policies could isolate an even larger portion of the populace. “I think the Ryan pick is definitely going to lose the lower-middle class,” she said. “If you look at his budget plan, it’s going to make taxes go up for Middle America.” Suarez said his very conservative views might have more impact on the campaign process than simply winning or losing votes. “He’s kind of representing the Republican economic plan, and it’s doing a lot to polarize the election,” she said. “That isn’t good for either party, and it gives the independent voters a harder choice.” After the media frenzy surrounding the vice-presidential nomination of the then-Alaska governor Sarah Palin in 2008, Colwell said Ryan is a more reliable choice. “Ryan is no Sarah Palin,” he said. “She was not ready for primetime. I think Ryan is … If someone asks what newspapers he reads, he’ll be able to name one.” Butler said Ryan is more dependable and independent than his opposition, the sitting vice president. “Ryan can definitely hold his own,” he said. “You don’t have to be worried about what he says, unlike Joe Biden.” Butler said the Ryan choice served as a reminder for his club to stay on point. “I think it energized at least our leadership,” he said. “We have to realize we have an election coming up, and I think the Paul Ryan pick has gotten us to realize this is the home stretch.” Suarez said her club is now more driven to keep the administration in office and prevent Ryan’s policies from being implemented. “I think we’re going to focus more on the national election now he’s been nominated,” she said. “Even the [U.S. Conference of Catholic] Bishops spoke out against [Ryan’s economic plan] which raises a red flag … We need to do all we can to make sure he’s not in office.” Though Colwell said he believes Ryan is a good strategic choice for Romney, his viability as a running mate won’t be clear until November. “I thought he was a good choice, and ultimately, if Romney goes on to win, it will be analyzed as a good choice,” he said. “The jury’s out on this, the focus for weeks now is on these social issue and on what ‘legitimate rape’ is and things like that, that will just kill the Republican ticket … They’ll certainly try to avoid that, and possibly, they can get the focus on the economy.”last_img read more

Celebrity MasterChef to sell Queenslander with amazing kitchen

first_imgWOW! What a view from 49 Boundary Road, Camp Hill.More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020The home captures beautiful city views and is designed for low maintenance and modern living.Mr Lopez has worked at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze in the British capital London.The chef featured on this year’s reality TV show MasterChef Australia alongside MasterChef judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston. The kitchen at 49 Boundary Road, Camp Hill.At the heart of Mr Lopez’s home is a kitchen finished with stone benchtops and breakfast bar, wine fridge, mirrored splashback and stainless steel appliances including gas cooktop and servery window. This area merges with the living and dining area, creating an inviting place for family and friends to gather. 49 Boundary Road, Camp Hill.The three-bedroom, one-bathroom home at 49 Boundary St, Camp Hill, has been stylishly renovated and updated throughout. 49 Boundary Road, Camp Hill.Brisbane celebrity chef Josh Lopez is selling his Camp Hill home and the kitchen comes with jaw-dropping city views. The large deck area at 49 Boundary Road, Camp Hill.An expansive rear deck unfolds from the kitchen and dining area. There is a seamless transition from indoor meals to barbecues and alfresco dining, with the glittering city vistas as a backdrop. 49 Boundary Road, Camp Hill.The main bedroom is something special, offering stunning feature light fittings, airconditioning, bay window with bench seat and an adjacent study/nursery, currently used as a walk-in robe. 49 Boundary Road, Camp Hill.Place — Coorparoo selling agent Robyn Tait said: “This home has been freshly repainted both internally and externally, fully landscaped with lush hedges, a new fence and a charming gate house.” Partially legal head height underneath, the house could be further renovated to incorporate additional bedrooms or multiple living areas. The property has been listed for sale by negotiation.last_img read more

Orientation shuttles in the near future

first_imgThe Undergraduate Student Government unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday encouraging USC Transportation to coordinate shuttles to take international students directly from the Los Angeles International Airport to University Park Campus during orientation.Report · Lisa Zhao, USG residential senator, present the resolution. – Robin Laird | Daily Trojan USC Transportation has already said it plans to offer such a service, but USG wanted to emphasize that students support the plan by passing a resolution.USC Transportation has said it plans to provide free shuttle service to international students three times a day during international students’  orientation, which is before the university’s move-in day.Tony Mazza, USC director of Transportation, said this program is geared toward international students because they arrive to a specific location at LAX at a specific time.Shuttles to and from LAX for out-of-state students are also being discussed, Mazza said.Though Transportation intends to offer the service, there are still details to work out.“LAX is such a busy place and you can’t just show up there if you’re a bus or shuttle service,” Mazza said. “This program is definitely a work in progress.”The location and exact departure time of the shuttles is still to be determined, but Mazza said they would probably leave the airport at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. from one of the international arrival gates.“Students can still take airport shuttles, a bus or a cab, but this will be another option for them,” Mazza said.USC’s resolution also encourages USC Transportation to increase publication of transportation options and to follow up on providing tram services to out-of-state students.“As we get a better hold for our fiscal year 2012 budget, we can see if this will fit,” Mazza said.Mohammad Ani, a freshman from Kuwait majoring in electrical engineering, said this option would have made his trip to USC easier.“Shuttles would have been nice for me,” Ani said. “This was my first time in the states and I didn’t really know where anything was. Although LAX is full of taxis, a shuttle would help out someone really new since they wouldn’t have to worry if they’re going to the right place.”Howard Fu, a USG senator who co-wrote the resolution, said he pushed for the initiative because international students brought the issue to his attention. USG created a survey on the subject and brought their findings to USC Transportation.Eighty-five percent of the people who responded to the survey, which was publicized on Facebook and through listservs, were international students, and 91 percent of all students who responded favored of having a tram from LAX to USC.“The aim of this is to benefit the entire student body, not just the international or the undergraduate students,” Fu said. “We just had more international students responding.”USG also concluded that USC should better publicize its shuttle that takes students from USC to LAX before Thanksgiving and winter break, since 53 percent of students surveyed said they did not know about it.Specific information about the shuttles will be announced over the summer.“This will be a great way to welcome international students who have maybe not been to the U.S. or USC before,” Mazza said. “They can take the shuttle and arrive right on campus.”last_img read more