Robin Li talks about the difference between Baidu and Google user production


source: Vanke weekly

in late December 2014, Vanke Yu Liang led the more than 80 people in Beijing, the headquarters of Baidu and Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li made a deep conversation, the topic involves motivating innovation, intelligence, culture Home Furnishing occupation managers…… The following is part of the live dialogue record.

1, the difference between Baidu and Google

question: I would like to ask two questions: one is Baidu and Google in the development strategy, or specific product strategy, what is the difference between? Second, I would like to ask 360 and Sogou, will have an impact on Baidu


Robin Li: the difference between Baidu and Google can be divided into two stages. Early in the PC phase, the main thing we did was UGC, User, Generated, Content, that is, user generated content. This is not the same as the search in the United States. In the course of our development, we don’t passively index what has already been on the Internet. Instead, we aim to create content for Chinese users and Chinese Internet users. For example, Baidu Post Bar, the world’s largest Chinese community, there are nearly 100 million active users every day, they speak from 2003 December to now, each speech left, these contents can be retrieved by Baidu. Later, the launch of the Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia and so on is this concept, we allow the user to create a portal, create content, search through the search engine technology, which is in the PC era, Baidu search in the development path, the difference or ideas and the largest google.

in the mobile Internet era, Baidu and Google also have a very big difference, and even greater difference in the concept. Google put more focus on the Android ecosystem, how to let Android create more APP, or how to make them think that 20 years later may become a big industry, such as unmanned, or health hardware, they think this kind of thing.

for Baidu, we want to connect not only to information, but also to services. For example, now open Baidu cinema, will tell you that there are 1.1 kilometers away from here what the cinema, some sort of show what the film, which seats you can buy, choose your seat pay later, a series of actions can be completed in Baidu. Google didn’t do it. In their opinion, it wasn’t his thing. There’s something online. I’ll index you. In our view, the Chinese Internet users and users, whether or not this matter is not the responsibility of Baidu, he said I am here to get what I want.

this idea in the early I also feel more difficult to accept, such as others in the Baidu search to bad content, cheated, but this information is not Baidu, I just do what I started index. The idea is this: it’s not for me.

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