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ashamed to say, I was a novice, just contact to the site of this industry, because I didn’t attend college, so I graduated from high school I have learned, remember that when the Jiangsu went to Kunshan to work in the best of spirits, they say farmers did not go to university you can only work with farming two lives, after all, their own no college, so I only chose to work this way!

when I first arrived in Kunshan, that time is very happy, think of their own money, do not have to spend time the parents hard-earned money home, heart inexplicable happy, but soon the passion is good times don’t last long, too much labor to deny.

I have changed, bustling about in a few places, from Kunshan to Shanghai, and traveled to Jiangsu in Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Danyang, and then go to the northeast of Liaoning the best way to kill, helpless or ran home, at home, Dad took me to the Department for the first team, because he is of military origin, so he hoped that I could go his way, and with my knowledge and wisdom to stay in the army, but then arms did not think so good dad, just a few very ordinary units, dad did not call me! When I came to pick themselves up again and the first place in Kunshan, I choose not to enter the factory, because I do not believe my destiny is to work at the factory.

My dream is

network company, even to a common network company employees are willing to, but every network company hired personnel qualification must be a college graduate or above, I graduated from high school, no foothold, but I still insist, money day smallpox finished, when I again despair and I hired by a company called Feynman network company! Although the work is just a IT consultant, is also the sales website! But I have been very satisfied, I will not go wrong to interview the company, not an opportunity, I will not go into my long, simple when training, change to go to work, but found that the sales are so difficult to do, the Kunshan N home network company and we do the same thing, although young, but it is sophisticated I was desperate, the salesman Life can be honed, but in fact it is deceptive! In addition to exercise your eloquence and experience, I think no good, my dream is broken again! I ran back home again!


at home, I want to go to school to learn computer, computer network programming, I will design into the network company, never to enter the sales department, but eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled home to buy a computer!, I sat beside the computer, to study the construction site, at first station long station the soft, now even the invitation of the Chinaz registration code are not, then came to the Admin5 station network, here every day to see the identity of the tourists in the Big Brother Big Sister, I can find some inspiration and experience to the.

I also tried to do a few stops. At first I made an information station with DEDE. Although it was a little smaller, I chose thousands of articles, so…

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