Personal movie station site experience

recently made a movie station and now shares my experience with the movie station. Everyone knows that the search engine is very disgusted with the movie station. What’s the reason? According to Marx statistics, the number of stations that use Marx CMS is as high as hundreds of thousands. You want to come, so much the movie station, how much do I want to, many owners have been collecting data on the Internet network! As can be imagined highly repetitive, Baidu is the most hated duplicate data! Let Baidu think the station appeared so.

, let’s talk about some of the details of a movie station:

first of all, is the template, this needless to say, as far as possible not to repeat high, and make their own dedicated best.

the second is data, this is certainly very important, content is king – as a webmaster you should not unfamiliar to these 4 words, the long-term idea the best sampling only once, that time is just the KaiTong Railway Station, add data, as far as possible to manually add – our original may make the movie station not realistic. But we can pseudo original, as far as possible to avoid duplication too much. Manually add movies, you can go to Baidu rankings to see, it is best to add hot movies, TV drama.

in addition, to say is, the site as far as possible to keep updated every day, you can, then planning a period of time to update, such as every morning 8-9 update. Don’t be happy to update thousands of, and then again for several days without updating, so advise you not to stand.

There is

, novice to key choice, I first made the mistake, would choose movie online free movies HD movies, these keywords competition very very high heat is not recommended for novice, you can go to the Baidu keyword index to check. After choosing the keywords, don’t change them frequently, which is very bad for the search engine.

finally, do stand in your insistence, no matter what station is. Less than a year, don’t say you insist. My little movie station:, come and see the movie when you’re free.

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