Why isn’t your site enough to attract 12 crimes that destroy your web site

wants to know why your website isn’t attractive enough, or that your conversion rate is slow. Web developers, designers, and consumer experience experts tell you what’s wrong.

– Jennifer, ·, ·, Schiff, November 7, 2012, Wednesday,


building a business website can make mistakes in many places. In order to find out the biggest mistake of enterprise website re design or develop new website made by CIO.com survey web developers and designers and customer experience experts, we use 12 of the most common problems, and tell you how to repair or avoid these problems.

error 1.. Forget who your customer is. Your senior management team is not your client, your customer is. But companies often forget, so they create something that customers don’t like, but what they like. "Customers need to feel in touch with you, Produxs (customer experience and creative planning design company) chief and vice president Charlie · said Clarkston. So companies need to "know as much of their customers and customers as possible."…… And give the client a website that can communicate accurately and appropriately." Remember, even though you may feel that your website is about you – your product and / or your service, it’s about your client.

error 2., non mobile. "About 20% of the network transmission is through mobile devices, electronic commerce provider Web Linc. co-founder and CEO Hill says Darren ·. "If your website forces customers to explore through a non mobile interface, you are likely to lose your customers." Solution: make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices. If your platform does not support this operation, there are a variety of inexpensive tools and services that can help you create a mobile version of your website.

error 3. change your URL, but don’t import them again. When asked about the biggest web site error, the most frequently asked question is the question. "The site during the renaming or reconstruction, enterprises will forget 301 redirect all original interface to the correct interface. This leads to a poor user experience, and the search engine optimization (SEO) is very negative, because the value of these links have not reached the new structure of URL, "ShoreTel Sky (focus on the telephone system based on cloud ·) research department Michael Freeman said senior managers.

solution: before conversion, work with the IT department to ensure that all URL is correctly redirected to the new web page. Using Xenu links, detectives, and other tools can be easily solved. Backup the old XML site map and grab all the links. Record that!

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