Network chain wholesale network business plan

At present the

after a long period of market research, think the network retail chain network is very promising, for some reason, I did not do the network retail chain network, but the operation: money online networks account for friends who are interested can go to money online account SAAS platform registered members, every day to help their financial, accounting, money online can help individual, family, shop owners, self-employed, wholesalers, small business owners to manage accounts etc..

Hangzhou copy my entrepreneurial ideas website is:, unfortunately, I just graduated, no friends, no resources, the most lack of money is not, so did not do it,


my business plan: give advice! I’ve been looking for partners and funds: I hope to invest in e-commerce, or want to do e-commerce friends can introduce me! Thank you


site name: sub – initial wholesale network affordable home

website slogan: Sahara = network chain wholesale door

for the retail and wholesale products: open shop can I purchase here! Wholesale flexible! A batch! This shop is responsible for shipping! You do not need to purchase and bear the inventory risk! Welcome to join the agency for


] = Sahara network chain wholesale sales agent = Chengxun products and promotion of cooperation

Shanghai Sahara E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized use of network technology and e-commerce for "network chain wholesale and retail" of the new (B, TO, C) e-commerce company

(B TO C) e-commerce website (Sahara = network chain wholesale door) has been successfully run, and received a large number of target customers recognition. In the target market, it has a certain reputation. According to the unique nature of the company strategy and target market, mode of operation, I want to find manufacturers to provide high-quality supply, joint development and sales network chain wholesale business, jointly build China network chain industry aircraft carrier

[Sahara] goal: to provide flexible wholesale and retail business to target customers, to build a huge network of chain distribution systems, just as vast as the Sahara desert,

uses the network for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop online chain wholesale and product promotion channels, through the network for China’s network operators and small and medium-sized wholesalers to provide high-quality and abundant supply base.

target markets and target customers: China’s network operators and small and medium wholesalers


] the mode of operation: provide humane small wholesale business China network operators and small wholesalers, we provide sourcing and product pictures and the wholesale price for China wholesale network, flexible form, a batch! The company is responsible for the purchase and delivery! You need not bear the inventory risk! Welcome to join the agency for!


] the slogan: "SA

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