Generation brush reputation can not believe talk about those reliable network part time

recently, a classmate surnamed Zhang suffered a scam on the Internet, crooks with part-time brush off, virtual card name on the return of profits of fraud, the seller told Zhang, "free trial, if the false report to management." Zhang believes it, and then bought a 100 yuan game prepaid card, and attached five-star praise, the other party immediately returned 103.5 yuan to his account. Seeing is true, Zhang Tongxue and "customer service personnel" talk about 50 good business, remittance 5000 yuan to buy prepaid card, and then the other mobile phone off, QQ and Ali Wangwang offline, completely disappeared. The same thing happened to a woman in Wuxi, in less than a month, the woman was cheated, cash more than 35 yuan.

"will be online, make money", "work at home, earn 100 yuan a day", "first make money, and then pay.""…… Visible, the sky never dropped pie, which network part-time trusted?


one, brain, hands-on, Witkey

if you have proficiency in a particular line can go to a large, Witkey website to undertake the tasks such as design, logo, write advertising copy, each task for different, more than. Or, you can send some literature website submission is selected, the money is a small income.

two, own shop selling things,

online shopping has become a mainstream way of shopping, Taobao, pat and other large trading platform is the first choice we shop, you can sell clothing, jewelry, toys, books and so on, but only if you have to prepare goods. No supply of friends, if you really want to shop online, you can also help others sell goods, profit from them, this is also a good choice. Similarly, WeChat, friends circle, micro-blog and so on, can become you sell things platform.

three, micro-blog advertising

if you have enough micro-blog fans, you can make use of them. Like many big V, they don’t publish ads irregularly. Of course, these are all money collected. A good marketing of your micro-blog account and fan base, influential, there will be business.

four, upload material to the material web site

now, a lot of material websites offer this opportunity. For example, in the material community upload material, in addition to uploading material itself can make money, your material is downloaded, but also earn money. In addition, the material commune website also regularly held some activities, the amount is also large, small, fully look at their ability to work.

in fact, the use of spare time in the network there are many part-time jobs to make money, but no matter what, you need a snack and a little force to do that without fee brain can easily take money nine out of ten are false, so we must keep their eyes open, do not lose the wife of another soldier.

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