Grassroots entrepreneurship on the road of the most authentic 27 entrepreneurial experience

1, don’t make team

just because of friendshipAlthough

does not advocate the main site in the process of network business in the closed doors, but just because of the friendship and the composition of the team. If team members are connected with each other together do dumpster understanding are not, the final outcome is only one part, not even the original friendship.

2, don’t let your mind go beyond your own pace,

this problem, a lot of friends in entrepreneurship, China every day articles often see, that is, the implementation of force problems. Most of the web site active thinking, not missing. In the depth of night may be because of a feel good creative and exciting can’t sleep sleep, but the second day morning all still. So don’t think too much in the process of doing it. Don’t let your mind go beyond your own pace.

3, consider clearly their compressive ability

network entrepreneurship is not overnight, starting from the idea of entrepreneurship, to entrepreneurial success, there is a long process. In this process, to bear the "pains, hunger, body skin" of the pain, compression capacity is weak, weak willed will likely give up at a stage.

4, do not always ask what to do stand, both traffic and make money fast and the like,

to see more advanced experience of the article, encountered problems do not understand, to communicate with friends. But don’t add other people’s QQ, even the minimum "hello" is not, in determining the other party is an expert, immediately to sentence, "tell me what station, both traffic and make money quickly."". For an expert, what station is to do both traffic, money is also fast, and for you, may be what station, no traffic, can not make money.

5 can be a garbage station, but don’t be a garbage collector,

, read the post, do not move, "rely on your mother, you are really a garbage", curse others are garbage people, many times they are actually a garbage. If you do not agree with the views of the article or the author’s attitude towards life, you can use a civilized language, do not need to move, just like crash, like Aberdeen, now in twenty-first Century, is a civilized society.

6, site operating time less than a year, do not say that he insisted on

often has friends who say, "hold on, but fail.". Asked him how long it lasted, he said, I insisted for more than a month, traffic is still not up, so I closed the site. Such webmaster did not read, adhere to the meaning of two words.

7, in front of the server to be prepared for horse

the main site mostly from virtual space age to the era before the server, set up their own independent server to do the website was hacked or is linked to the horse ready, so to prepare a data backup, when necessary to prepare a standby server.

8, to have a bunch of iron core friend

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