Also about my two years of doing a bit of Web site feeling

recently told a friend introduced me to the website, the feedback is that they love the most is my delicacy station, which surprised me, because I have been to my house for the Gonzo network, feel good material.

said this delicacy station is purely unintentional. When the Mid Autumn Festival last year, Yang team rewarded with one year of space for five month before posting, I was in the column, anyway, space is to take, then just registered a domain name, the program, collecting some data, put the basic ignore. This year due to the site space, when moving, is probably the database version is not consistent, in the new space in this guide is stunned, think this site would give up just because one day only a few hundred IP, but occasionally found neither painful nor itching, QQ bookmarks actually have more than 13000 people of this station, and PR managed to rise to 4, you can not bear to discard, simply put the data column away, re planning, start again.

recently updated this station, basically are looking at users in the search keywords station, station will not add the menu, if the search volume is too small, they find new content, so one day I found ten or twenty articles, repeat in the steadily rising, two search engines also seems to be more popular.

why is this station is more popular? I do a station for more than two years, in the same site, is also the leader of the QQ, but also hundreds of bookmarks, which reminds me of an article khuong: simple + value of users, or vegetable spectrum they are more practical.

but I dare not say anything about the value of these two stations. Although the PR of the funny network has already been PR5 (unfortunately, it suffered in the storm at the Baidu K station in September), it is still a garbage dump and nothing of its own.

on the question of value, I have been exploring, but as many grassroots webmaster, in a very long period of time, I did not think of a way out. What exactly can my website provide for my users? What can I do to keep them and generate revenue for my website?. If only to provide content to the user browsing, and then rely on advertising revenue sources, may flow to some kinds of Web sites in a short period of considerable, but I always feel that this is not a permanent solution. Here, I also suggest that only advertising revenue webmasters think more about their site’s way out.


idea proposed to me this Koko footprint, only two days, I was on the project determined confidence, even though he was only a rough idea, but I think I am not a dumb person, I can understand and have their own ideas. I happened to be on the night shift, thinking for a few nights, and finally decided on a domain name., where spoor is the "footprint" means, slightly prefer to describe pugmark, but I think it is more suitable, because the self-help tour, a large part is to choose to return to nature, but also by the crown and travel enthusiasts "tour pal"

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