Baidu 10 set up security union personal webmaster road how to go

It is reported that in September 10th

, Baidu announced the establishment of the security alliance, many domestic manufacturers have said, including Tencent, Kingsoft, rising, red umbrella, KnownSec domestic relatively high visibility of the security business, in the face of Baidu security alliance, the 360 will react? Baidu security alliance will work with

?Shortly before the 360 war with Baidu search involves a lot of webmaster heart before

, the owners also have webmaster cheering cry out, things to the present, from my point of view: Baidu face feeling like a victory. But the 360 search could be called a hit, but could Baidu’s 360 be safe,


Baidu frequently attack, today announced the establishment of the security alliance, this is undoubtedly a blow to 360, 360 from the development to the present is to "safe" software as the center to promote the development of the computer, now many families have lost Kingsoft antivirus software, Ruixin shadow, 360 anti-virus software in China is is second to none, but Baidu recently smitten will pose a threat to the 360? How to fight back from the current form 360 and

?The current 360

depending on the development has encountered a bottleneck, has just launched a less sophisticated search engine will be Baidu, Baidu is now facing the back, I think 360 will be back waiting to attack, because the 360 now is not the lack of popularity but an opportunity. If the 360 can stick to it, then one day the Internet’s dominance too 360 to 360 of the brand, the current situation facing only strengthen their own services, improve the quality of external propaganda, carry out the core technology to continuously keep people and attract more new users to join the security alliance 360.

In fact, the Baidu

security alliance established its purpose is to reduce the influence of the 360 security guards, with domestic security manufacturers will also have a certain degree of pressure on the 360, although the 360 is currently the safety of big brother, but in the face of the pressure of 360 may also come up with a new recruit to deal with, and to the webmaster friends we can either Baidu with 360 attack and counter attack, it was like a 3Q like World War II, they played the last Internet or not, as a webmaster we actually can station.

honestly build, optimize

No matter how

360 and Baidu, we can do is to adapt to the trend of the times, Baidu victory so we still have to comply with the rules of Baidu optimization, 360 victory, then perhaps will optimize the way we get changed, but this with our personal webmaster Never mind very much, we only need to operate their own honest the website can, now website operators will not be like before, only rely on search engines, more is to rely on the user to remember this is that the domain name, and can let the user enter the site when using a search engine, this is a difficult, but also I >

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