Although the station is very hard but have been improving

recalls his last trip home, listening to his friend saying he wanted to go home, forgot to buy a train ticket home, and later got around to buy a train ticket. Later, I thought about it for a while, and I felt that I would like to make a train ticket transfer / purchase website to meet the needs of the public life, so as to better be able to keep close to the people’s life.

for the website, I just started is just getting started, so that time for site planning is still at a loss, then after a few friends to help each other, reluctantly took general idea to plan out the website. At the beginning of a problem is to write the website but do not know how to write, for the website positioning train ticket network gradually clear, I described as follows: "the train ticket for station to station inquiry and station inquiries, trips inquiries, train schedules discount ticket information, and other aspects of the service". When the passengers are convenient to travel, they can see whether there are any latest preferential information for ticketing, and make a lot of reference for the people’s life. It provides convenience for the fast-paced city life. When the site online, I told my friend if you want to play the train ticket that we can go to see. Save a lot of time, friends feel good, convenient and quick, no longer call to consult train tickets related ticket information, they can find what I want directly on my website.

now think about contacting websites for some time. From the exchange there is the most basic Links, the editors began to learn, learn to do their own query procedures and so on, although very tired, but very rewarding. I believe that many novice webmaster friends like me, as long as the efforts to tap the various knowledge of the field of the site, and slowly to understand, you can vacate their own new space. In fact, now I feel the site was very promising, although very tired, but as long as we persist, there will certainly be harvested! Suddenly remembered the classic saying: pay, not necessarily return, but does not pay, will not return. So, the webmaster, let’s refuel together,


, I am a novice, just today to make a preliminary understanding of the site to write a bit, poor writing style, here to share with you for the first time to do standing experience, but also do something to attract people’s attention. I also recommend your train ticket station to share with you! PS: welcome to the QQ:1500231128 exchange station for Links.

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