How does the financial stock website go out of its own way

financial stocks of the site’s competition has been very intense, investment and speculation has always been a hot topic, although the financial crisis on China’s economy have a huge impact, but the stock market is due to the lag effect of economic crisis, has been in the doldrums. The stock site also has different levels of impact, just as the stock market rose, ups and downs, the stock will experience different periods of high tide and trough. As a stock station webmaster, simple talk about my view of this industry site. As a financial news site, on the news, and technology has its special requirements. On the one hand, we have to do their own website construction and promotion, on the other hand, also on the policy on the site of intervention. Timeliness, authenticity, technical articles, investment guidance and so on, are sensitive places. Is the policy requires the news site to publish news and information service license, also requires financial analysts to station industry access permission, these are all influenced by the development of financial site makes personal stock website to survive in the cracks, for their own positioning to strictly grasp.

financial stocks, we can be divided into 1 main sections following, is the news (news stocks essential information) 2, fry skills (this is personal station essential section) 3, forecast trend analysis (very attract traffic place, but to the publisher’s website business license qualification requirements there are special requirements) 3, investment Guide (non professionals do not touch the stock exchange (4), no teacher, this section no core 5), online quotes (not much technical content is very easy to do, 6.) financial electronic books 7.

I temporarily put the individual stock station roughly divided into these sections or types, generally we focus on one aspect to do, and the other side as a supplement or not to do. If we choose the direction of the key development according to our actual situation, what are the important issues,


basic questions, how to win the trust of visitors

this is the priority among priorities, as for the reason why I don’t believe that you can understand. So how do you win the trust of visitors?. The preparation of a professional template is essential, clear and reasonable layout, for visitors to find information, improve the use of experience, to sort out all kinds of information. Specific how to do, you can refer to the mainstream financial and economic sites. For content, if we are not very understanding of the stock itself, do not write original professional articles, this may mislead readers, is an irresponsible practice. These professional articles we can reprint, many stock titles, bloggers articles are very good, relatively high credibility, in the premise of allowing reprint, we might as well go to the web site to provide readers. News content, I personally suggest or give up better, take the individual, I see the news is generally go to Sina, Oriental Wealth, such a site, reason >

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