Microsoft is banning gamers playing Halo 4s Crimson map pack

first_imgLast week, Microsoft accidentally sold their first DLC map pack for Halo 4 for absolutely nothing. This may not seem like a big deal, but those who bought the Limited Edition version of Halo 4, and therefore paid $25 extra for the map packs, were slightly annoyed. After all, the Crimson Map Pack was supposed to be available free only to those who had purchased a season pass or the Limited Edition of the game.Microsoft then tried to cover up this mistake by releasing a statement saying it was part of their “14 Day, Buy and Play” program, and that they purposefully made the Crimson Map Pack available for free for a limited time only. This PR campaign didn’t seem to exist before Microsoft accidentally made the DLC free on the store, which is why many suspected it was a cover up.To make matters even worse, gamers who have been playing the Crimson Map Pack are now suffering the wrath of the banhammer. Some gamers who downloaded the Crimson DLC have been getting a message saying they’ve been permanently banned from Halo 4’s online modes. This seems to mainly be affecting players who’ve been playing split-screen games on the new maps. These bans are automatic, but clearly incorrect. 343 Industries say they are not permanently banning those who use or preview the DLC and are currently investigating the issue. An update on the situation is expected tomorrow.It seems to have been one mistake after another with Microsoft and Halo 4, but hopefully everyone who’s been affected by the ban will have it lifted soon. For now, you might want to avoid playing the new DLC maps until the glitch in the system has been resolved.More at the Halo forums, via thesixthaxislast_img

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