Microsoft next update to Windows Phone 7 will be cutandpaste only

first_imgA couple days ago, Chris Walsh, one of the hackers behind the fantastic ChevronWP7 jailbreak hack for Windows Phone 7, hinted that he had it on good authority that the upcoming update to WP7 would be “massive” and “do what Apple did in 3 years” in just three months, and that they “could have called it Windows Phone 7.”Looks like Walsh might have been a tad optimistic, because Microsoft themselves have now released a statement saying not to expect anything so aggressive from them in the next update, which will be limited to cut-and-paste support.AdChoices广告“Microsoft is committed to delivering regular updates to the Windows Phone experience. Our first update will make copy & paste available in early 2011. In addition to this first update, all Windows Phone 7 users should expect to see additional updates delivered in the future as part of Microsoft’s ongoing update process.” It’s pretty clear from the wording here that more updates are coming to WP7 soon, but any statement that Microsoft is already on the verge of outpacing iOS are premature, to say the least. Copy-and-paste is the first baby step to a more robust mobile operating system, and they need to get that 100 percent right first.Read more at WP Centrallast_img

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