Moroccan relief airlifted for Palestinian people continues

Al-Ismailia (Egypt)  –  Three other planes of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinians, arrived on Sunday at the Egyptian military airport of Al-Ismailia (140 km from Cairo) as part of the Moroccan airlift, upon the orders of HM King Mohammed VI, to alleviate the sufferings of populations who are facing a barbaric Israeli offensive.Each plane is loaded with 13.5 tons of relief mobilized by the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation and the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, said Moroccan deputy ambassador to Cairo Ahmed Ait Issa. This aid includes rice (7,500 kg), powdered milk (2,400 kg), medical equipment (wheelchairs, beds..) and hygiene products.The Royal Armed Forces will operate 12 fights from Aug.16 to 20 to airlift this relief from the Kenitra military base to the Al-Ismailia airport in Egypt, while the Egyptian Red Crescent will transport it by land to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah border post, he added. Hamid Mohamed Hamid from the Egyptian Red Crescent said that the operation of dispatching and handing the Moroccan aid for Palestinians took place in coordination with the Moroccan embassy. The Egyptian Red Crescent will carry the aid and hand it to its Palestinian counterpart which will distribute it, he said.

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