Police to Benefit from Energy Efficiency Project

first_imgThe Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is set to benefit from the implementation of an energy efficiency project, aimed at cutting energy costs in the public sector. The pilot project, which forms part of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining’s (STEM) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme, will see conservation strategies being carried out at selected police stations and departments across the island. Speaking atthe first in a series of energy efficiency and conservation workshops for members of the JCF held at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston on February 28, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Leon Rose, said the programme is designed to reform energy management in the force. He said the initial stage of the project will see approximately six police departments, including the Mobile Reserve Unit in Kingston, being retrofitted with a number of energy saving measures, such as lighting fixtures and insulated windows and doors. He noted that following this exercise, the entities will be monitored by the JCF’s Conservation Unit and the Energy Ministry to ensure effective use of the strategies. ACP Rose said the long-term goal is for all JCF facilities across the island to benefit from the programme.“This will involve retrofitting, and in some instances, where necessary, refurbishing of selected police buildings,” he said.Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington said the JCF embraces the project and is committed to partnering with the Ministry to reduce the country’s energy bill.He noted that in recent years, the organisation has worked to strengthen its management capabilities in the area of conservation, pointing out that every police formation now has an energy officer.“For us to be chosen as the pilot organisation in this regard, is a signal of recognition of the effort which has been made in the JCF over the last few years and our continuing commitment to this strategy of conservation and exploiting alternatives for energy supply,” he stated.The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme, which was launched in May 2012,is an initiative of the Government of Jamaica, through funding support of some US$20 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).The main objectives of the project are to: enhance Jamaica’s energy efficiency and conservation potential through the design and implementation of cost saving measures in the public sector; to strengthen the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining for implementing energy efficiency measures; to invest in energy efficiency and conservation measures in the public sector; and to increase awareness among key public and private sector stakeholders.last_img

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