first_imgThe 2004 School Sport Touch Championships are providing plenty of action for Touch lovers. Here’s just a taste of the ever quotable quotes from those on the Gold Coast… “We’re fit as racing snakes.” – Pete Hampson Tasmanian 15 Years Boys Manager – describing his team before competition starts – don’t know what a racing snake looks like, but we’ll take Pete’s word on it! “No Touchdowns scored against us – great defensive play by the whole team – goal for Friday is to keep our clean sheet in defence.” – Qld 12 Years Girls Manager Carol Savidge reflecting on Qld’s awesome performance today. “Played well v Victoria, disappointed with result v WA, made too many basic errors in defence.” South Australian 15 Years Boys coaching staff. “Nothing, not one bit.”- Qld 15 Years Girls Coach Craig Slavin’s answer to my question about how his half time speech was received and what parts the player’s took in – didn’t seem to matter, the girls got up 5 -2. “Another solid performance in warm conditions – still areas to work on in attack and defence…. Francis Katoa and Samuel Clune were great v Qld and Daniel Thomas and Josh Drinkwater shone against ACT.”- NSW 12 Years Boys coaching staff commenting on a good day for the Blues in this division. “We need to look at our drive and defence to turn it around on Saturday…some good patches were spoilt by some lax defence and sideways attack.”- Qld 12 Years Boys Coaching staff on the loss to NSW today. “Shade cloths covering all fields.” – suggestion from Tassie coaching staff to ward off the stifling summer sun -the tournament organisers are good, but not that good! “We’ve started scoring and we’re enjoying it!” – The Tasmanian 12 Years Boys team who could only write “an experience” after day one yesterday, now have a lot more to write about – 6 – Touchdowns in fact – they told us that they’re fast as racing snakes – we should have listened! “Katie Brown got an intercept, youngest in the team, chased by some BIG Qld girls and nearly scored…Tess Dignam great diving touch to win the game for us v Tassie…Zoe Duffy great diving Touch Down v WA…Kimberley Wigg 5 touch downs in 2 days.” – Chris Jones South Australian 15 Years Girls Manager. “Tassie has a huge cheer squad – grand parents, parents, brothers, sisters, friends – all come to the Coast to support our great kids – disappointed not to have won today, but really proud of the way the team never gave up.” Tasmanian 15 Years Girls Coaching staff. “Gutsy 2-1 win over Tassie – great individual efforts from Monique Bolding & Anna Williams …tough v Qld – but we did better than any other 12 years SA team ever, keeping them to 14…Georgia Brown was great.” SA 12 years girls coach Adrian Sim on his team’s fortunes today. “Have you seen a camera, a pair of Oakley’s, house keys, mobile phone, a drink bottle, asthma spray – continuum transfunctioner perhaps?” The constant questions from poor unfortunate souls who lose things and ask our Tournament administration for help in finding these items…silly people, misplacing things…then.. “Has anyone seen the key to the Cooler room?” – Peter Bell to the entire tournament population after the one and only key went missing…. 1 hour later and $50 poorer after having to open the lock by other means, a Manager of a State Team sidles up, fesses up and returns the key…I think that’s a fine…big time! I’m pleased it was the end of the day and Belly was too tired to bother, otherwise the gentleman in question may have spent some detention time in the cooler room! “Plenty of water and no throwing up.” The instruction of one Coach to his team regarding the Dream World excursion tomorrow…. wise counsel indeed! Compiled by Karley Bankslast_img

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