Vincent Tan donates additional 43.000 BAM for Reconstruction of the Health Center

first_imgMalaysian businessman and owner of the FC Sarajevo Vincent Tan decided to donate additional 43.000 BAM for the reconstruction of the Health Center in Maglaj which was destroyed in floods.Tan confirmed to the Malaysian The Sun Daily that he will donate additional 43.000 Bam for the project of reconstruction of the Health Center in Maglaj. This is his second donation, after he donated 250.000 for the Health Center in Maglaj and the same amount for the Health Center in Doboj in 2014.First donation of 250.000 BAM is sufficient for procurement of expensive medical equipment. However, that amount of money is sufficient for reconstruction of only 80 percent of one floor.“I believe this is a worthy project and that it should be done very well. Therefore, let’s do this right and finish the work. I will donate 43.000 BAM for the completion of the project. This is a gift to the BiH people from the Malaysian people,” Tan said.The project includes reconstruction of the attic and procurement of medical equipment, which is necessary after the floods which destroyed all equipment on the ground floor. This is why the project was focused on the higher level of the facility, in order to remove the threat in case of new floods.Health Center Maglaj expressed gratitude to Tan because without his donations the reconstruction would take 15 years to complete. Ground floor of the Health Center has been flooded three times in the last ten years.(Source:

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