The 12 stages of getting Badgers football season tickets

first_imgEvery year, University of Wisconsin undergrads wake up way too early for a chance to buy season tickets for Badgers football online.For the 22nd year in a row, the 12,300 undergrad spots sold out, and some students waited in vain once the tickets ran out.Here’s what it’s like:1. Set all the alarms GUYS I’M REALLY FUCKING EXCITED, ONE TWEET JUST WASN’T ENOUGH #SEASONTICKETS #ONWISCONSIN— Dan Stoehr (@dan_stoehr) June 16, 2014Best day of the year @UWMadison @UWBadgers I’ll refresh on 2 of my computers, and let the other two be.— Miller Jozwiak (@jozwiakmiller) June 16, 201411. Look at tweets of others helping Badgers get tickets and consider reaching out (SO to those who help) I hate this. I love football. I want tickets. #Badgers— Tori Blume (@T_Blume) June 16, 2014 6. If you’re lucky, this will be you (bonus points for those who are successful for the first time ever)One minute in and I got @BadgerFootball tickets. It must be my lucky day! #miraclesdohappen #OnWisconsin— Taylor Zimprich (@TZBALLA) June 16, 2014 Alarms set… Badgers tickets tomorrow morning. @UWMadison #OnWisconsin— Brian Radday (@BrianRadday) June 16, 20142. Sleep through first two alarms because waking up is the worst (bonus points to those in the West Coast) You’re finally up, so power up everything in your house that can access the Internet 4. Tweet about how stressed you’ll be 9. “WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO HASN’T GOTTEN TICKETS?”center_img 12. But you’re finally in! It’s over! 5. It’s 7:30 a.m. The waiting beginsThe struggle is real. #Badgers #Football— Courtney Rehr (@courtneyrehr) June 16, 2014 But you’re probably not lucky 4 years of season tickets. So glad to never have to log in on a Monday again. #Badgers— Jacob Berchem (@jakeberk) June 16, 2014 10. *considering refreshing*@UWMadison does refreshing the page help you or hurt you— Miller Jozwiak (@jozwiakmiller) June 16, 2014 Every single snapchat story I just had was about season football tickets #badgers— Deena Tenzer (@deenatenz) June 16, 2014last_img

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