The Middle of Summer

first_imgI know that on the calendar the middle of summer is still a few weeks away; however, to school children the middle of summer is past.  In 3 short weeks they will be back in school!For the school administrators, this calendar makes a lot of sense.  Their job is to provide the best possible education for the taxpayer dollar.  This means keeping the buildings in use as many weeks in a year as they can.  When schools set empty for long periods of time, many systems must be shut down and their re-start is quite expensive.  The continuous calendar helps to eliminate this.For the athlete, their only real vacation from sports is the moratorium week that the IHSAA designates.  The full-time athlete knows that when the first of August rolls around they are back in the swing.  That is not a very long vacation for a young student athlete.The coaches have very little choice in this.  Their hands are tied by the trend that is in place today.  If you do not play the sport full-time, you can’t compete at a winning level.  We all know that kids are supposed to play for the fun of it, but we also know coaches get fired when their teams don’t win.last_img

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