Julie Jno. Baptiste sentenced to two years on charge of importation of Cannabis

first_img Tweet Julie Jno. Baptiste walking towards the Coast Guard Base on Saturday morning after he was intercepted by Coast Guard Officials.Julie Jno. Baptiste of Kingshill was this afternoon sentenced to two years imprisonment for the charge of importation of Cannabis by Magistrate Candia Carette-George.The Police Public Relations Officer Sergeant Kenth Matthew reported to the media yesterday that four men had been taken into custody for questioning on Saturday morning as well as two vessels which they were using seized and were subsequently charged.Police Prosecutor Acting Inspector Claude Weekes who gave the facts of the matter to the Court, explained that Corporal Valerie and other officers within the Marine Coast Guard Unit were on duty on Saturday 17th September about 7am when they intercepted the Defendant, three other men and an eight year old boy on two vessels.Acting Corporal Valerie and other police officers of the Marine Coast Guard were on patrol duty on one of the patrol boats named “Tomice III” on the western side of the island when they saw one of the Defendants about four nautical miles outside of Dominica. The Coast Guard officials observed that the boat on which the Defendant was at the time that the Defendant and others bailed off certain items from the boat. Coast Guard personnel went to the boat and noticed that there was also an eight year old on that boat. Corporal Valerie in conducting his investigations spoke to the Defendant and informed him of his observations. Having cautioned the Defendant he said, ‘Officer the marijuana you all got there is me and Joseph Stevens that just came from St. Vincent with it. And when I see the Coast Guard coming I ask my partner Robert Dublin to take me on his boat. I boarded his boat with the weed and when I see the Coast Guard really coming I throw it in the water. But officer, mister and them have nothing to do with that.’The alleged marijuana weighed 13, 500 grams was found in a bail and pail, exhibited in Court and tendered into evidence. The Defendant also gave a voluntary statement to the police and the same was also exhibited and tendered into evidence.Mr David Bruney in making a plea for his client urged the Court to take note of his client’s guilty plea, the fact that he admitted the error of his ways, the fact that it is seven years since he has been in any trouble with the law; as his previous conviction was in 2004 and simply sought leniency from the Court on his behalf.Magistrate Candia Carette-George despite Mr Bruney’s plea for leniency, sentenced the Defendant to two years imprisonment on the charge of importation of Cannabis. However she did not order any separate sentence on the charge of possession of Cannabis and possession of Cannabis with the intent to supply to another.Meantime; Robert Dublin of Massacre, Joseph Stevens of Victoria Street, Newtown and David McPherson of Massacre all pleaded not guilty to the charges of importation of Cannabis, possession of Cannabis and possession of Cannabis with intent to supply to another which were read to them by the Court Clerk.The Police Prosecutor Acting Inspector Claude Weekes did not object to bail but only requested that the men be asked to report twice per week to the nearest Police Station.Magistrate Carette-George opened bail in the sum of $200, 000.00 each however, only Robert Dublin of Massacre had a surety present in Court whose property was worth in excess of $200, 000.00. John Joseph also of Massacre; who stood as surety for Robert Dublin, told the Court that he has reasonable control over his friend and can ensure that he attends Court on the stipulated dates and times. Robert Dublin was therefore granted bail and instructed to report to the Mahaut Police Station every Tuesday and Friday between the hours of 7am and 7pm.Joseph Stevens who was represented by Mr David Bruney asked the Court whether it would accept a surety of $50, 000.00 as his client is not a flight risk, there is a guilty plea already by the other Defendant, that he is not a violent man nor a danger to society and that only one person is able to stand him bail and has property worth $50, 000.00. Magistrate Carette-George informed Mr Bruney that he could try to find someone else to stand surety with the $50, 000.00 and that bail is open to his client.Mrs Dawn Yearwood-Stewart who represented Robert Dublin and David McPherson informed the Court that John Joseph intended to stand surety for both Defendants however as a result of the bail amount he is unable to do so. Both David McPherson and Joseph Stevens were remanded into custody until they are able to find suitable sureties. The date set for hearing is 14th May, 2012.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Julie Jno. Baptiste sentenced to two years on charge of importation of Cannabis by: – September 20, 2011 Share Sharecenter_img 53 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring!last_img

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