Survey on the satisfaction of Advent visitors in Zagreb: Visitors want more indigenous products and a variety of offers

first_imgExpand to Sljeme, it would be great if it was on MedvednicaLess fritters, more homemade cakes and more musicMore indigenous products and more old town musicMore varied food on the standsThe longer it lasts the more music More spiritual eventsBetter musicMore toilets, heaters, blankets and to last longerMore heaters, to last longer foilingIncrease the rinkLet them make better wineMore public toiletsMore Christmas motifsMore local musicLess commercializationThere should be more traditional desserts In December, 10% more guests stayed in Zagreb (122.489), and 15% more overnight stays (232.057) were realized compared to December 2017. These are excellent statistical indicators, all thanks to Advent in Zagreb, which generated growth this year as well and once again confirmed the status of a top event.According to the Zagreb Tourist Board, for the period of Advent and New Year’s events (November 30.11.2018, 06.01.2019 – January 11, 140.663) the number of arrivals is higher by 15% (271.244), and the number of overnight stays by 2017% (01.12.2017) compared to Advent and New Year’s events in 07.01.2018 (December XNUMX, XNUMX – January XNUMX, XNUMX).Namely, in the mentioned period there were 45.349 arrivals of domestic tourists (growth 10%) and foreign 95.314 (growth 12%), and, out of the total recorded overnight stays, domestic guests realized 82.402 (growth 14%) and foreign 188.842 (growth of 16 %). Most arrivals were from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany; while most overnight stays were recorded from: Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.According to estimates, last year the consumption generated by Advent amounted to more than half a billion kuna, and this year, in accordance with the growth of income and overnight stays, the growth in consumption was also quite certainly achieved.Survey on the satisfaction of Advent visitors in Zagreb: Visitors want more indigenous products and a variety of offers Photo: TZGZ / Klovićevi dvori / Author: I. AlerićZagreb-based market research agency MSA Adria, which operates within the Newton Media Group, conducted a field survey with the aim of insight into the satisfaction of domestic and foreign visitors with the service and offer of Advent in Zagreb.The survey was conducted from January 3 to 4, on foreign and domestic respondents representative of the general population by gender and age. In parallel with the survey, an analysis of social networks was conducted via Metricom, a tool that enables monitoring of communication on Internet portals and social networks.The survey showed that 77,6% of respondents believe that Advent in Zagreb (in previous years) was deservedly declared the best Advent in Europe.80,9% of respondents think that a varied offer is offered, but the rest of the total percentage is distributed to respondents who think that almost every Advent house offers almost the same offer, such as always fritters, mulled wine and sausages. Respondents corroborated this result with comments such as the fact that Advent lacks indigenous and domestic products and that there is not too much variety on offer.Želju da se Advent iz centra grada proširi i na ostale kvartove u gradu iskazalo je 69,7 %  ispitanika. Ispitanici su komentirali kako je centar grada uvijek pun te je promet vrlo spor (pogotovo vikendima), no kada se udalje od centra, skoro sve je prazno te se u nekim dijelovima grada zapravo i ne osjeti božićni duh kao što je to u užem centru. Također kao jedan od problema ističu se cijene na adventskim kućicama koje su prema izjavama ispitanika preskupe, a posebno Ledeni park na Trgu kralja Tomislava.Source: TZGZ / Author: S. KaštelanKako je zagrebačka policija odradila sjajan posao potvrdilo je 86,2 % ispitanika koji su  izjavili da su se osjećali se sigurno tijekom boravka na Adventu u Zagrebu. Nitko od ispitanika nije spomenuo da je doživio neko negativno iskustvo tijekom posjeta Adventu.Users all over Croatia shared their moments and mentioned #AdventZagreb in as many as 15.000 posts that caused a total of 20 million impressions.It is interesting that in a large number of comments, visitors expressed a desire for indigenous content of the program and the offer of Croatian traditional products. According to visitor comments, the lack of public toilets at Advent is cited as one of the bigger problems.Kao prijedloge za poboljšanje za predstojeće godine Adventa u Zagrebu navodili su kako žele više domaćih proizvoda, više starogradske glazbe, manje fritula – više domaćih kolača i da se Adventom ujedno promovira hrvatska glazba i predstavi bogata tradicija.Suggestions for improvement for the upcoming years of Advent in Zagreb Negative experiences during the stay at Advent in Zagreb Too expensive ice parkTomislavac Ice Park is too expensive compared to others in the cityIt is generally too expensive It’s too loudCame to the fuller and it doesn’t workFinished early foilingUnkind peopleWhite pebble shoes on Tomislavac are getting dirtyBadly mulled wineThere is not enough sauce for a hot dogToo many asylum seekersNot enough domestic productsCrowd on ice rinksToo loud musicTrams do not run Naslovna fotografija / Izvor:TZGZ / Autor: Julien Duvallast_img

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