Operating local industry station do not ignore the site robots txt security issues


operation of the Dazhou home network has gone through three years of the head, the site has been operating normally, access from the rankings are not much ups and downs, recently busy with other things to ignore the website, service is compromised, and modify the robots.txt capture instructions, which of course for ranking caused great impact, website slip flow is serious, the purpose of this article is to remind the webmaster friends, then a small website will also have to


(this is the search map, the site is only part of the home page) read more

The inspiration from seovip station traffic source

this morning, Robin sent a micro-blog, the general content is 30% seovip the traffic sources station direct access, 18% for Baidu traffic, followed by external links, micro-blog, WeChat and mail traffic, as shown below.

, seovip, traffic source, phenomenon analysis,

, compared to other stations, seovip traffic source is healthy, because most of the site’s traffic sources rely heavily on search engines. There are several reasons for the diversity of seovip website traffic sources. The author sums up the following points. read more

Where is the value and direction of the CMS industry What’s left

recently the entire CMS industry is relatively light wind disturbance, the founder of Phpcms dedecms left, one investor withdrawals, overdue wages also estimated immediately to the court…… A rumor that stationmaster people were afraid, do what, with the choice of what kind of CMS? CMS’s survival and profitability so difficult?

remember the first to fall, is the first in the country to promote the concept of CMS should be joekoe, when there is no WEB2.0 concept, Joe off procedures are covered by articles, downloads, animation, blog (then called Diary), album, music, film forum, and other functions. The website that uses Qiao guest to come out, it is a little portal almost. Unfortunately, the latest version, however, does not support the functionality needed to generate basic requirements such as html. In the 05 year, when everyone was concerned about SEO, Joe slowly disappeared from the station’s station…… read more

What should the nternet Co learn from experiential sales in Dongguan

today, the most popular topic is of course Dongguan, which is almost without doubt, I dark horse also with curiosity, read the major gateway pushed to my CCTV unannounced visits to video, which makes small Xiaobian my eye opener. But I has no intention to go to the horse from the moral high ground is discussed, but before the wide spread on the Dongguan ISO service, which in fact for many Internet Co have great reference and learning value, as long as good at learning, can learn from all human behavior. read more

Ten ways to make your wireframe prototype more communicative


is a translation every Monday, it’s not really easy. From reading to screening, to trial translation, to the end of this week’s article and the completion of the translation, the main thing is to rely on some time to do it every day. Fortunately, after all, is the autonomous behavior, love, still in love, this is the UX and translation practitioners have made integrity. Silence, we enter the text of this time.

I have been involved in the design of wireframe prototypes for many products, including my own, as well as with other designers, product managers, and even business analysts. That’s great because I’ve seen a lot of good stuff in the process. But slowly I also found some problems, some people often ignore the elements in the prototype production process; if we can pay attention to and solve these problems, our interactive design output can play a greater practical value. read more

Site navigation station needs vigilance dark horse or will lift competition upsurge again

after more than 10 years of development, China’s Internet has become more and more popular, and the industry market is becoming more and more mature. The Internet has brought about a complete subversion of people’s lifestyle, and thus reflected in the Internet industry in order to compete for users set off a war without smoke. The development of the network brings people more new experience and more efficient and convenient life. More to promote the development of the Internet economy. Enumerate several domestic Internet experience no smoke station, site navigation in the field of war never stopped, even after the recession, but the development potential of the vertical and mining site navigation areas at present may still be brewing a new competition. read more

As a grassroots webmaster do a station dannychan

I and everyone else is a struggle in a grassroots level, tomorrow in their own day and night work, although we have no money, no reliable technical level, but we still have to struggle with their original dream. How to make a good website? Here are some

1. identifies goals and resources:

in the website before, should understand their own conditions and the necessary resources, see which field for yourself, you have what resource advantage, do not blindly follow the trend, but also do not understand what is going on the site began to intervene, that the future will do some work in vain. For example, the production of clothing factories resources, then you can consider clothing B2C, clothing resources for integration and planning. Determine the target and resource, then proceed to the next step. read more

How to make your website CP for 2 days on the audit pass

opened the mailbox today to check the mail and found that the July 8th application for the forum, ICP, was filed on July 10th. I thought I’d have to wait a few days, so I didn’t check the mailbox. I didn’t expect to get through so soon. I am happy to announce to you that my website ICP has been on file for two days, yeah,


, a friend who filed for a website last year, also said he had been waiting almost 20 days for the record, and I was really lucky. Remember to change the domain name, before their website (see article http://s.admin5.com/article/20080710/93223.shtml) before and after filing for a total of 8 days, this time there is no such a short time to pass the hope. read more

From YOHO Practice the pros and cons of the media gene to do electricity supplier

from YOHO! Practice, the pros and cons of the media gene to do electricity supplier

as a media person, t-miao sometimes a bit of chauvinism, think the media attribute that belongs to the eye touch in many industries. For example, the electricity supplier industry, a good electricity supplier, its media properties must be very good; a commodity page, with only a few pictures and about 100 words description, let readers pay out of pocket. Related to this group purchase industry, also attaches great importance to construction of editorial department, editorial department Groupon listed before there are more than 400 people, continues to recruit new people; the editorial department before the discount It is quite common for spam, into hundreds of billions of dollars of big business. read more

Go to university continue to stand look forward to the future

after 3 years of baptism, has accumulated 3 years of experience in high school before. Just do a few station Experiment Station Research SEO, then have no time management but are always concerned with the Internet industry and feel no previous much change, just a lot less garbage station (are K) it seems that the Internet industry has encountered a bottleneck. Remember that the United States has a economic forecasters say the global economy encountered financial turmoil in 2010, but in 2015 due to the revolution of science and technology by leaps and bounds now ahead of the storm, then from the technology innovation is not far away it will be a chance. read more