Website who can tell where have gone wrong

6.1 children’s day happy holiday morning eating cake colleagues open the computer in check included the moment heart was frozen hard. All the stations are K. I always feel calm I am standing before a large collection of content and no law did not change any content directly to the site to the above update. So a day. 6.2 love in the morning Shanghai cramps to all stations all came back and gave very high weight because I have a lot of ranking. I am happy and happy. But I know that sooner or later a day or to be K. This is the 6.3 tragedy we stood once again proved his words. I’ll root myself a problem of our. This is not the whole medical industry. Then our problem in the end where. read more

The website construction of super detailed practical articles



301 redirect

website, the content will continue to add and delete, in this process must be.

is very important, when we launched the site, to make clear that the need to determine the use of WWW two level domain name or the use of top-level domain as the preferred domain, if not determined, other sites have been extended to a certain time when you want to change, then need to pass through the 301 domain name weight error the way, for the love of Shanghai search engine needs time is 1~3 month long. When we have selected two level domain name WWW as the preferred domain, can be specified in the noble baby management tools. For the love of Shanghai, only in the promotion of the time, use the preferred domain can be extended. Even if the owners in the beginning have been identified in the first domain, and the promotion of the use of the domain name, but also is the emergence of the weight of WWW than the low weight of the top-level domain name, may love Shanghai believes that the top-level domain is more important than two level domain name rights high. Then I suggest webmaster at the beginning don’t resolve top-level domain name. Leaving only the IP parsing user habits WWW domain name. To avoid such days after the top domain weight under the condition of 301 redirect. read more

Easily create love Shanghai Shanghai dragon cheats suggestion

2. suggestions: static page parameters




for URL length is general for dynamic web pages, we all know that although Shanghai has indicated that the official love love Shanghai spiders can grab dynamic pages is very good, but the static or pseudo static website still has a better static and included weight, can greatly reduce the number of calls to the database, so as to improve the website the speed of opening. The use of pseudo static space must support.Htaccess, then how to write specific code you can go to Shanghai love a lot of people, sharing, I won’t waste time. read more

Dai Renguang share the webmaster should have the ability of the five Shanghai Dragon

2: To observe the changes of the ability of

is one of the basic skills, writing in the network, with the reality like talking, if not speak, or just do "repeat", so also do what? Write can solve several problems, original articles, and the soft brought outside the chain, has not felt the power of me before, and later began to write the original personal blog in 2009 May, although this blog didn’t bring me what direct economic benefits, but it is more than 2 years adhere to the blog, let me write ability has been greatly improved, and now have a personal experience will write it down to share, let others return at the same time can also accumulate outside the chain of contacts and direct benefits to their. So I advocate everyone to write, but can bring you Shanghai Longfeng things, even more can make you more clear thinking to do the operation, after all, writing ability is the most basic network ‘speaking ability. read more

Let love Shanghai love theme website positioning your keywords

first locate its own website theme

beginners may ask questions like my station which the keyword good? How to choose key issues such as. The problem like this after that the questioner of positioning himself is not very clear. We may wish to ask yourself why we need to do the Shanghai dragon because it can bring the user? To our station, benefit. Just as we graduate to find a job, the school is recommended to the employer, the employer is the customer who came here to find their required staff. The school is like love Shanghai to you or he recommended to the employer, but not all people will be recommended, the total quality of ranking points. That is to say the school recommended students is that they feel consistent with the requirements of the employer, or the employer is to meet the needs of the people, it’s like we want to find the key. What can we offer users? Or what users need read more

How to use the noble baby Analytics tracking and analysis of customer calls

for some non trading business website, the phone is still an important Call to Action. However, we rarely call data statistics of users, even if we have to collect the user calls the data, the data is isolated, but can not think of it as a kind of transformation or integration into the target website analysis report. Some call tracking service vendors have begun to address this problem by call tracking and web analytics tools combined, which can generate the associated data report.

Because the number of calls is read more

About nofollow and the part of the chain as well as on the inside pages included test

and a little to add that, if we have to pay attention to love Shanghai webmaster tools, you should have noticed the chain love Shanghai analysis tool with pressure test tool. The reason that this is because the two tools, from which we can see that some love Shanghai algorithm some sporadic. At present I can’t really make sure the conjecture is not correct, but I will try to do some experiments to obtain the conclusion. The automatic sweeping robot 贵族宝贝iurobot贵族宝贝/archives/353.html feeds, please indicate the source, thank you read more

Experience a new Shanghai dragon experience

site optimization method is varied, after the storm, the optimization of capacity constraints, can only follow others in the way, some people love to write soft Wen promotion, said this method is good, I follow, but I found that this method is not suitable for them, because I do not have this ability of writing. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages of his, only to see the advantages of a method, but neglect his shortcomings, so blind imitation result is cruel. Because my station was K off, now I have been looking for their own way, for their own, only the rational use of their own advantages, is applied to optimize website is to present their own way. read more

Give up Ali mom flow soared 6 times income increased by 3 timesWangzhuan tutorial publicity wise r

do Wangzhuan, publicity is essential unless you have a high flow outside their own site, so not blindly propaganda propaganda, there is a certain method, the following is my recent years do Wangzhuan propaganda has confirmed the method has obvious effect, we make up deficiencies.

more than a month ago, received a friend message, I want to cancel the maximum flow of the station to Links, originally I the site’s home page sh419 K out for many days for a long time station owners generally do not go to the site station of its own, every day will go every day to see the site of statistical information. So I don’t know about it, I said it would remove it, and then by the way of site to its own station, found that sh419 included very little, only more than 2000 pages, had been more than 8000 pages, but I did not cheat, because my station is a special picture stand, flow around 3000 – 4000IP, VP6 million, in the face of the object is special, the flow is only about 25% by sh419, 46% by GG, the other is to rely on members of their own input, so I wasn’t too concerned about sh419’s collection the address I Do not send out, lest everybody says is AD, say again here, AD also does not have any purpose, all be stationmaster. read more

Guizhou Shanghai dragon website was also optimized useful

just contact Shanghai dragon industry or Shanghai dragon friends may think, do website optimization is a website optimization, the other is wrong, should be to consider is that the website before start. As the optimization of Shanghai dragon veteran, Shanghai dragon station optimization optimization not essential. Now: in the end the Shanghai dragon station optimization optimization is also useful? Once said: Guizhou high network station optimization is still useful. But the effect is not so obvious. Guizhou once believed that stationmaster friends to learn about the station optimization. The old and new owners will be harvested. The need to pay attention to the following points: read more