Novice how to the actual operation of Shanghai dragon chain blog

, a blog of the preparatory work.

The construction method of the chain blog

3. wheel shaped blogs in link, each target in the Links District blog chain website.

2. update to the original or false original content according to the theme, as far as possible the more original, pseudo original processing can be late.

weight increased, update the blog content, anchor text to join the target site, 1-2 best anchor text.

previous work mainly in the following aspects: listen to Shanghai dragon peer recommendation, choose good blog; use the source code to check whether the blog with nofollow tag; according to the major search engine hobby choice blog, such as love love love between Shanghai sea and Sina blog; check whether the blog Links there are also read more

Website optimization program about Shanghai Dragon


forum or recommendation discuz

code of the website is very simple, very easy to modify the background of things, but for the novice, this is very easy to use! And there are now many enterprise DEDE templates, the DEDE program for enterprise site is a lot of advantages, for enterprise site is recommended to use the DEDE program to build a site is very easy. You can use the DEDE program, the novice learning site of words, I now take over the medical site, is set up by DEDE, I am learning, welcome to my master coaching read more

Network video advertisement becomes the darling of network saleOld introspection where 5 years start

in China, tens of millions of people every day in the Internet, but the Internet time is generally maintained at about 3 hours a year! And the number is growing exponentially in the past! Don’t read is illiterate, after the society, not the Internet, will become the new era of the "illiterate"! So such a large user groups, but also worry about no user?! on the Internet, a good video speed, can spread throughout the Internet a day! The spread speed of this amazing, traditional media is always incomparable! read more

How to maintain the enterprise website in order to obtain love Shanghai ranking

enterprise website content to the user has a value of


Links still can not be less. Shanghai dragon in the traditional optimization theory, the website wants to do search engine ranking, we must work hard from the three points, that is the content of the website and the construction of the chain, the third is Links, a weight high site links can increase the weight of intangible, a good Links can play a multiplier effect well, Links is very important, but not all sites are suitable for their own site, general weight and weight equivalent or slightly high site for friends of the chain, the best effect, if the weight difference is too large, but the effect of More haste, less speed. The construction of Links and chain, should follow a principle of relativity, because only such a link in the search engine seems to play a role in the "recommended". In addition, Links and the construction of the chain is also the enterprise website maintenance is a very important aspect of the work, it is a long work, general a week can increase 2-3 Links, establish the principle of Links is patient read more

Website optimization Shanghai dragon steps and techniques of image optimization

picturesHow important it is to add

picture to localization, the privatization of

image optimization is not to say that take a picture in the article can be inserted into the set keywords, is not so simple, the following is to introduce the steps of image optimization.

in the progress of search engine constantly, upgrade algorithm under the condition of constant change, many owners have said no way, sometimes in a different perspective to the search engine to implement certain pressure, it is also explained, and don’t do Shanghai Road dragon can walk. Why do people say no way, it is because you did not find the other optimization methods, or forgotten. So today and everyone together to explore Shanghai dragon image optimization. Although this is a problem of a commonplace talk of an old scholar at work, but we do not often use such a way. read more

Link building strategy of search engine anti cheating

trust propagation

site links, is most often the webmaster manipulation of Shanghai dragon cheating one way, therefore, the search engine is the focus of anti cheating a. A lot of links, cheating ways such as link farms, black chain link, the link group, standing group of sprocket wheel. The same thing, its essence is the use of link algorithm of search engine, through handling a large number of links to improve the ranking.

of course, with the Shanghai dragon.

with the common development of search engine and the Shanghai Dragon technology, cheating and anti cheating competition more fierce, emerge in an endless stream of various technical means, unable to discuss. But in the final analysis, deviate from them, we can understand the search engine from the whole idea of anti cheating. read more

More terrible than the site is down right is headache foot

for the website ranking fluctuations, often because the search engine algorithm update. For example, love Shanghai would regularly update the search engine rules, this adjustment will inevitably impact on the formation of a part of the site’s ranking, and some have even been drop right. But according to the observation, as long as the site is not cheating, will restore ranking in a short period of time.

Although the

, a site is down right or the fact is the appearance of

through the above analysis, if the owners finally determine the site right down to the root cause, then how to effectively solve the problem? The author want to emphasize is: no matter what the problem is, all in do not directly modify the server, especially some short time can not effectively deal with the problem. Because, if your website pages are different versions of the spider love Shanghai repeatedly to grab it, but no good on site harm, general site cannot bear the toss. In addition, if the site right down the problem solved, the webmaster can try to love the Shanghai issue the corresponding feedback. For example, your web site snapshots read more

Novice on the website to find issues

I am responsible for the sand making machine site is an old station, has been the person responsible for the original news requirements are relatively high, I took after the situation has been good. Site suddenly appeared on the front page of the problem, it is puzzled. Web page is not the first, also caused some impact on the website ranking, originally the main keywords sand making machine is ranked in the top second pages, now ranking dropped to the third page.

(2) outside the chain of high quality. The chain is actually very tricky to do a lot of good standing and not outside the chain of overwhelming, but selective, targeted, pay attention to the breadth of the chain at the same time, the chain can not be confined to a few included good platform. read more

Make links return to reason Google hit three points on the payment link

in mid August, after the three large-scale website PR adjustment, and then a punch at waste site, and quite lethal launch paid links report page. As soon as he heard the message, even the netizen speculation, the domestic market or will end link. It is well documented that in the Google PR shock adjustment, the majority of local portals have to drop right, such a large area of local news portal is right down, there may be many reasons, but its high PR sale or paid links for one of them. As everyone knows, in the link trading market, PR level is still the main reference standard to judge the link quality and transaction cost. Google is so smitten paid links, on one hand, paid links to judge the interference on the search engine website quality, on the other hand is enough to prove that, in the website construction and website optimization process, especially the link outside the chain of high quality of a website is absolutely indispensable. But Google’s new, website construction should be rational, rather than remain in order to win shopping in the red sea. read more

Look at the nine target B2C website Shanghai dragon positioning from a strategic perspective

looked at several different dimensions of the formula, you may be a bit dizzy, since Shanghai Longfeng goals are to increase product sales, so how to see what the customer is through the Shanghai dragon it? One might say Analytics, CNZZ, 51la of noble baby flow statistical tools can be seen, but I want to is that these data are the direct access to the user purchase data, if the user through the natural search after entering the site, did not immediately buy (in the favorites, temporary emergency leave, payment problems, need to go home and buy, etc.) but after the payment of the purchase order, then this is not necessarily show Shanghai dragon brings, but when the head count to the source of the next purchase. That is to say by entering the Shanghai dragon in a certain period of time according to the user in the access path set by the administrator and the purchase of success does not close the browser premise, will give Shanghai Longfeng record. How sad, Shanghai dragon do a lot of things, always give others to do the wedding dress, and your leadership has to take these things to your appraisal. read more