Share 3 tips for Google ranking optimization

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relative to the love of Shanghai, the chain of Google is very difficult to do, but Google search engine is recognized as the eldest brother, love Shanghai with emphasis on user experience, Google search engine has been to, Google will not easily punish even K station, with patience is always webmaster friends. Well, small time to go to work, finally again.

Google attaches great importance to the site map, only the inside pages Google to crawl in according to the chain chain optimization is qualified, so we suggest you to the site within the chain Sitemaps (site map) submitted to Google, there is evidence that, in the internal link control stable, internal link management tools in displaying the noble baby the number of pages in the web site relative to other pages right important high, if the site map link too much, can be split to submit to Google, Google will be a regular to crawl to your web site map. read more

What is the Shanghai Dragon Technology [Er] to Shanghai Dragon


1, Shanghai dragon for novice or beginner, Shanghai dragon is not all day long chain? The things I write? The article has explained very clearly (do not understand can see) there is, in the early time but you don’t want too much, don’t do too much, take the Shanghai dragon do the basics, get some terms of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon novice don’t know when Shanghai Longfeng something, go blind in.

is funny when I think of my blog would be K or enter the sandbox, no one can think of this year Tomb-sweeping Day during that time, I went to the blog home location, not in the top three, but also very happy, in fact, I do not know what love is Shanghai to my blog to take care of me I admit that when I enter the blog home page, blog articles are false original as there is no value, I do not know. read more