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center_img Chungbom Katayama, President of CARP Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada: “For the mass shootings, one problem is that the shooter got a hold of the firearms. But the real cause for the problem is that the people who conduct gun violence have a very high percentage of not having parents or even any parental figures in their lives. We are seeing problems of gun violence, but not seeing the problem that goes back to the family and the lack of parents for the children who grow up to become isolated individuals who are full of resentment.So, my opinion is that the youth in the world are seeking for solutions because they see the problem right in front of them. They are not okay with the way the world is, but don’t really know how to address the problem, which is the family. However, as a practical step, I do believe that stronger restriction of gun ownership is needed, but only as a way to protect the immature and unready individuals from getting ahold of guns, which in turn can prevent mass shootings or accidents involved with firearms.”last_img read more