Barça: prohibited to exceed the ideal weight more than two kilos

first_imgThe Barcelona players, for the duration of the lockdown, they are being controlled daily by physical trainers, who develop a weekly personalized work plan in order to maintain the active body and as prevention of future injuries. This is basically a maintenance job, with most nonspecific exercisesThat is, very general, and without being able to display all the needs that work with an elite footballer requires.Where yes there is a requirement and maximum control it’s at the time of go through the scale. Every week the player has to report your weight twice the physical trainer who supervises his work. For now, the results they are being more than satisfactory: In general terms, the thresholds of weight gain they have been in the squad between 0.6 and 1.5 kilos. Some parameters that are considered correct considering that the template has already more than six weeks in lockdown. In fact, the bar that they can’t beatr in no case is that of two kilos or more. This is one of the lines marked in red when the footballers return to Ciutat Esportiva. Also expected increase in the percentage of body index of grease around the 0.3 and 0.9%. In this case, the calculations are less accurate since the players do not have devices at home for calculate the percentage. It will be one of the first tests to be done when the sport activity begins.In this section, a very important role has it nutritionist of the club, Toña Lizarraga, who has marked a series of guidelines over time that lasts lockdown, how to prioritize protein consumption and supplement intake with fruit and vegetable smoothiess. Another one of the mismatches that they are trying to redirect is the decreased performance aerobic that has been detected in recent weeks in some soccer players. This directly implies a decline in the resistance capacity of the player.Furthermore, in the footballers case plus fast and explosive a lost evident in the ability make repeated efforts in the last telematic training as well as a loss when absorb shocks by the tendon.last_img read more